C++ Fundamentals

Fundamental class offered by: ir. Jacques de Hooge

Whom is this fundamental class for

You have some experience in programming either in your job or just for fun. Also you're interested in technical, computational or simulation/gaming applications. You know that C++ offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating such applications, but you're also aware that it isn't an easy language. You want to master this language thoroughly. Besides attending the lessons, you're also prepared to invest significant time and energy in acquiring professional C++ programming skills by authonomous practicing. You're not aiming for the minimum, but want to get really good at this.

What will you learn

After completion of the fundamental class you solidly master on the use of the following language facilities:

Some practical things

If you enter a learning agreement with me, we'll see each other regularly. Most things will happen in a small group, never more than 10 people. You'll work in your own pace at your own level and are coached individually. The costs of a 2 hour sesson are €40,-. You'll receive an invoice that you can present to your employer if required.

The location depends upon the size of the group. If the situation requires it, part of the coaching can also take place on-line, e.g. if you live in a remote location or if your availability is limited because you have a job.

You'll enter into your learning agreement directly with me, also in case your employer pays back your training to you after the fact. In that way anyone can take part in the training, also if you're not employed at the moment.

Before you start your training, we have an intake of half an hour. There are no costs in connection with this. Depending on the intake, we both have the freedom to enter a learning agreement or not. My conclusion about this I'll base upon your previous knowledge and experience, but also on your preparedness to learn something new. How you reach your conclusion is totally upto you. Probably you'll at least want to know if I can offer you something that will really help you along. Feel free to ask in depth questions. You'll invest time and money, so you have every right to know what you're embarking on.

Once you successfully completed a subject, you'll obtain a certificate for that subject and you can call on me in case you'll apply for a job, in order to convince your future employer of your skills. I'll gladly stay in touch with you and your career.

In conclusion

Some 30 years ago, after a visit to a compiler manufacturer in the US, I've introduced C++ in the Netherlands. After that I was chairmain of the C++ exam comittee for some years for the Dutch EXIN foundation. In that early period I've trained almost all trainers of other educational institutions in using this language. Besides that I use C++ on a near to daily basis for technical applications ranging from real time controls for automated container cranes to medical image processing.

Eventually I witnessed C++ becoming the basis of almost any software technology stack. C++ certainly isn't an easy language, while the market has a persistent need for good C++ developers. With the newest extensions to the language, thorough knowledge of C++ is a solid investment in your professional future.