MasterMove, the ICT training that's different

For information:

MasterMove has set itself the goal to educate and coach talented people to excellence, distinguishing themselves in developing software for industry, science and technology.

To achieve that we make use of small scale knowledge transfer by tutors, seasoned experts in their field. All training courses can be given in english and dutch.

We set only one condition to you as a student: the sincere desire to learn..

The training has two stages: fundamental class and master class.

Fundamental classes are meant for people who are not yet completely familiar with the basics of a certain subject.

In a fundamental class you work at you own pace. How many lessons you need depends on what you already know. In a fundamental class you're never bored, but you also don't have to force yourself into an unproductive rush. You follow your own growth path, individually coached by an expert.

What also differs from many training courses, is that right from the start you're tought the tricks of the trade guided by someone with broad and deep practical experience in the subject matter, as opposed to textbook wisdom. Again this is only logical. Who would want to learn something the wrong way first, and then correct it later on? Well begun is half done.

A few practical situations where attending a fundamental class might help you along:

1. You're interested in technnical and industrical computer applications, but you don't have the right qualifications. A fundamental class, optionally followed by a masterclass in combination with a job, is a thorough way to acquire the required knowledge per subject. You determine which subjects you find most relevant or just plain interesting. The obligatory dead weight that's part of many courses is completely absent.

2. You're pursuing an academic or other education in which skills with regard to mathematics or computer programming are required that you do not yet have. You want to acquire those skills and are genuinely interested in these subjects. In that case a fundamental class is an efficient way to reach your goal and achieve success in your education.

Masterclasses are meant for people who already know quite a lot about the subject matter and have experience in its practical applications, enough even to known that they still have a lot to learn.

Masterclasses are provocative and require both commitment and some genuine talent. Each masterclass starts with an individual intake, in which you and the expert involved in teaching you, establish wether or not you want to work with each other.

Examples of situations where a masterclass is the way to make progress:

1. You've been working in a certain professional area for years and you learn something each day, but you want to acquire above average skills in your profession. In principle you're able to achieve that all by yourself, but you realise that you can speed up as well as deepen this process by benefiting from the experience of an expert. A masterclass will allow you to make a large leap forward in a short timespan.

2. You have a univerity degree in an professional area where the computer is considerd an important tool, but during your education learning to program was never an primary goal. However you found that building professional software for your application area currently offers unique opportunities. So you want to specialize in that area.

Your tutor: Important during and after your education.

With Mastermove personal contact with experts in combination with active authonomous study and practicing is central. That's the only guarantee you truly learn something. Many years of government instigated experimentation in schools and other educational institutions have made clear that formal 'one size fits all' procedures are not the optimal way to educate people to fully exploit their talents en really become good at something.

If you want to study a subject with a certain tutor, there's always an intake. In this intake your base knowledge level is established and an education plan is drawn up. Besides that, the intake is an opportunity to establish for yourself that you want to work with that particular tutor. Only if that is indeed the case you start with your education.

Mastermove works with certificates per subject, on personal title of your tutor. A tutor will only want his name on your certificate if after his personal judgement your level of knowledge and skills for the subject indeed justify this.

If after that you apply for a job, your tutor will be prepared to throw in his own weight to make clear to your future employer what your qualities are, either by phone or by email.

Is MasterMove suitable for you?

Regular, government-accredited educational institutions, with their course programs often layed down in advance for several years, are the massively followed main route to regular, government-accredited diploma's. By attending such an education you establish a safe, general basis for your future.

We doubt, however, if this is the way to breed excellence. According to us an education isn't a factory, for which output can be visualized in a spreadsheet, but a workshop, where individual talents are allowed to flourish under guidance of experts in their field, and the quality of the tree is represented more by the taste of the fruit that by its weight.

So Mastermove is complementary to the existing educational gamma, and offers you the possibility to excel in certain areas. If you can see the value of that, Mastermover is for you.

Fundamental classes



MasterMove, named MasterMoveGild in full, isn't a company with the aim of making profits or even a foundation. It's a voluntary cooperation between experienced specialsts from the ICT world, connected by a common goal: transfering profound insight and diverse experience. We hold the opinion that transferring technical knowledge is crucial for the long term health of the Dutch economy. Experts (M/F) that want to participate in MasterMove as a tutor, are admitted only after positive evaluation of a peer review done by professional colleagues. In that review both theoretical knowledge and practical achievements are subject of interest. The quality of the education offered by MasterMove is guarateed by collegial intervision, individual professional ethics and the shared desire to keep up our good name. For this we hold eachother accountable. If you want to study a subject with a tutor affiliated with MastermMove, you will enter a teaching agreement direcly with this tutor, without any overhead. His signature will be on you certificae and he is and will be your point of contact for that subject. We like to keep it simple and concentrate on the core of our activity: transfer of knowledge and experience by our experts.