ASP.Net Web Programming

Fundamental class offered by: dr. Giuseppe Maggiore

Whom is this fundamental class for

You have good experience with C# and .Net, either through work or as a hobby. You have never built a website before, but other kinds of software. You wish to make your entrance in the world of websites, and you wish to leverage your existing knowledge of C# to do so. You need someone to guide you through the jungle of components of a modern website: model-view-controller, data access, server-side, client-side, and more.

What will you learn

After this class is done, you will be able to use the following language facilities at a professional level:

What does the fundamental ASP.Net course look like

The course is followed in a group of maximum 10 people. The costs of a two hour lecture are €40,-. You will receive a receipt. The number of lectures depends on your previous level of knowledge. With some programming knowledge, it should take about 10 lectures to become proficient with the topics listed above.

To start the fundamental ASP.Net course, you will first make an assessment interview. After we decide we wish to work together, we will make a learning agreement.

Successfully completing the course means that you will have absorbed and become proficient with the topics listed above. This means that I will release a certificate and will be available to support your skills for job interviews or with your superiors.

We will mostly work in C#, but we will also occasionally touch on SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Some practical things

Please bring a laptop with Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition or a superior version installed. As an alternative you might choose to use Xamarin Studio. Make sure that everything is installed and functions properly before the first lecture. Experience suggests that not doing so will result in a significant waste of time.

We will be learning how to program, "line by line". Please do not expect to learn exclusively how to use wizards or "click-and-generate" code. We will also make absolutely no use of code copied and pasted from the Internet.

The course location depends on the number of participants. We will aim towards always remaining within a distance of 5km from the center of Rotterdam.

In conclusion

Web programming is an ever-growing, ubiquitous activity. Everyone and every business needs to communicate and interact with their customers, receive and evade product and service orders, and in general organize an online flow of information. ASP.Net provides a powerful set of tools and technologies that tame the complexity of the web and its many aspects in order to create cohesive and powerful online applications that span the client, the server, the database, and other connected services.

Knowledge of ASP.Net is a sought-after professional skill, that can also be translated into other frameworks and other languages with relative ease.